About Esther Matthews

As a rapid transformational therapist, you will receive the very best of my decades of experience, training and insight.

Since I was a teenager, I have believed young people can reach their highest and best potential with the right guidance and support. My genuine love for people motivates me to help today’s younger generation cope with and conquer the curveballs thrown their way. Over the past 24 years, I have worked with teenagers as well as working closely with their parents as this holistic approach often allows for the most successful results. As a testament to this, I have accomplished a great deal while working with families through Surrey County Council over the last 19 years.

Together, we can work to overcome the impossible.

I also believe in the immense healing powers of being in nature. There is no greater stress reliever than being in the great outdoors, and spending time outside truly allows me to connect with the Earth, and myself.

While I am family oriented and promise to give you the support you need, you’ll also find I have firm boundaries and advocate tough love. I’ll be walking with you through each step of your journey, yet soon enough, you’ll be strong enough to successfully handle life’s challenges.

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Esther Matthews


Psychology BSc

Rapid Transformational Therapy Certificate
(The Marisa Peers School)

Certificate Diploma in Youth + Community Work

Level 3 in Coaching

How does it work?

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) works by switching off the consciousness to release the troubled areas of the subconscious. In doing so, we can find and abolish the root of the pain or limiting belief.

RTT also uses cognitive behavioural therapy to allow you to see the challenge from a different perspective so you can disempower any limiting beliefs. You’ll learn to take control of the problem, rather than letting it control you as it has done in the past.

Regardless of age, gender or background, RTT addresses the problem at its source — enabling you to fulfil your true potential.

The science behind it all…

Through neurolinguistic reprogramming, we work together to rewire your neural pathways. This unique technique involves listening to a bespoke audio for 21 days — the length of time it takes for new neurons to grow in your brain.

One session and one audio-tape could be all you need. The treatment will take you back to the person you’ve always known you could be.

After just one session with Esther I felt a huge shift in confidence in my own abilities. The personalised session helped me to identify and shift beliefs from the past that had been unconsciously holding me back. I immediately felt comfortable to be open with Esther, her compassion and positivity were very uplifting. Esther made a recording for me to listen to each day which has continued to be transformational. I highly recommend Esther and RTT therapy.